What do fearless acrobatic goats, whitehead-topped acne and the mythical fountain of youth have in common?

OK, let’s start with this…

I found you a picture of an Argan tree with goats in it.

This isn’t something from a Reddit photoshop battle.

These goats are onto something.

In fact, for some goats, the Argan tree provides them with 80% of their nutrition. Pretty potent stuff.

Check it out – every month about 100K people in North America are looking for information about Argan oil.

Before you hit up Google for a search of your own, here’s a quick low-down of the many benefits of Argan oil can provide humans ( not just goats):

  • It’s a natural skin moisturizer, which also provides an anti-wrinkling effect (which is why you might have heard it has “fountain of youth” properties)


  • While it might seem counter-intuitive to fight acne with oil, the Argan has been shown to drop some serious elbows on acne on account that it’s a dry oil, that actually helps flush your pores. AND…

Benefits of Argan Oil for Your Hair:

Argan oil’s been on my radar for a little while so I thought I’d try it out with Royal Formula’s Argan oil hair mask, which is formulated for men.

Why would I look to Argan Oil for help with my hair?

Couple of things – first, I have fine hair. It never was very full-bodied or high in volume.

Did Royal Formula’s Argan Oil help?

Yes it did. The formulation really added body and a natural, healthy-looking sheen to my hair.

Also bears mentioning that we’re still just starting into winter over here and you still have strong winds blowing and the oil has helped make my hair robust enough to resist some of that wind.

Now, did I see any benefits for my skin?

Since this Royal Formula’s product is specifically a hair mask, I decided to wait to use an Argan product that is exclusively for use with skin.

Now that I’ve seen what the oil can do for hair, I confident about buying something for the skin and will be reviewing it once it’s been used.

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