Speed DatingWe’ve noticed something lately: all of the Gifts For Him guides either come straight from stores (so you’re obviously not getting a balanced source) or from women’s magazines and blogs.

If you really want to find the perfect gifts for boyfriend and husband alike, the DappChap Gifts For Him guide is the only one you’ll need.

We’re going to run through all the aspects of a man’s daily life to essential needs.



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Items you will NOT find on this list are items that may indeed be helpful to a man, but if given as a gift could result in serious offense (we’re talking about gifting items like hair regrowth formulas and teeth whitening products).

No matter how good your intentions may be, that is a BIG no-no.

Braun Electric Shaver

Not all men dig the application of shaving cream and dragging a blade across their cheeks and neck each morning. Braun’s shaver really delivers a close shave in half the time and, of course, this is a lot more convenient for travel than hauling around an entire wet shaving kit.

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 Pheromone Cologne

If you understand the science of pheromones, then you know that this is actually a gift for both your man AND you.

Great way to spice up the gift-giving.

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The Gentleman’s Beard Oil

Love everything about him, but wish his man-mane was a little softer?

This is how you do it. This bottle of beard oil is also scent-free, so no need to worry about any disagreeable fragrances.

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DappChap Organic Hemp Lip BalmC’mon, don’t give us that look. Of course, we’re going to plug one of our own products, but we specifically formulated this 100% natural, organic lip balm so that your man could have the healthiest lips. That is a benefit to for you too, BTW.

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Organization & Mindfulness

organization gifts for men

Is your man busy as hell?

Urban men in the west are bogged down with the busiest of schedules and trying to keep things in order can be very taxing.

These gifts are meant to help your man enjoy a smoother year in 2020.

Moleskine Notebooks

Moleskines are legendary in the world of journals. Even the largest ones are compact and you’re always in for a quality product that can resist A LOT of wear-and-tear. Would you believe there’s an entire sub-culture of people out there that collect these journals? Yup, they really are that great.

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The Bullet Journal is equal in quality to Moleskine, but with a key difference – the pages have dots that are meant to be connected. It’s very intriguing.

You could always couple up a Bullet Journal with the book the founder of the company wrote about his intriguing system.

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Tools & Gear

tools gifts for men

Here are the gifts to your man needs, not necessarily because he wants these items, but because he needs them.

If your dude is DIY by nature, these are gifts that most definitely will be of benefit to you too.


Battery Tender Plus

Is your man important to you? This car battery charger is an excellent way to say exactly this without words.

Imagine your guy finding himself in the middle of nowhere with no juice left in the battery and stranded as a result.

All he has to do is pull this puppy out of the trunk and boom – he’s good to go in no time and back home safe to you.

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BlueDriver Bluetooth

Following on the heels of the Battery Tender Plus, the BlueDriver uses bluetooth technology to monitor the health of your man’s automobile.

Simply put: if something breaks – this device will let him know what it is and what actions he needs to take to correct it.

Could save him thousands of dollars in auto repairs over the years.

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Estwing Axe

This past year has seen an immense surge in popularity for the art of bushcraft. Not familiar? Check it out on YouTube.

Urban men have been developing a strong urge to reconnect with their roots and outdoor gear that is practical is fast becoming an go-to gift choice.

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Clothing & Accessories

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Mt. Eston RFID Blocking Wallet

Looks pretty stylish, doesn’t it? Yes, it most certainly does.

But this wallet is every bit about functional and practical as it is stylish.

Not only will it store your man’s credit and debit cards, it’ll also protect them with RFID blocking features so scammers can’t scan his wallet and clone his cards and run his credit into the ground.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch

It’s stylish, bluetooth-enabled and the top-rated watch on Amazon right now. In other words, it’s a surefire winner.

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Man Toys

gift ideas for men

If it belongs in a man cave, his lounge or his drawers, you’ll find it here.

Men age, but they don’t grow up – and why should they?

Here are gifts his existence may not depend on, but they sure will light him up once the wrapping comes off.

Jabra Elite (Alexa-Enabled) Earbuds

Sure we put these ear buds in the Man Toys section, but we weren’t sure where else to put them.

They’re toys in that they will elevate his music-listening experience, but they’re also practical in the way they’ll improve wireless phone convos.

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Panasonic Lumix G85 Camera


Is your man a budding YouTuber? Is he coming down with a passion for photography? This camera can capture wall-worthy pics of the great outdoors as well as crisp, movie-trailer quality video. Great gift idea if you love your man, but need a bit of time to yourself.

Is your guy getting into photography or already into it? What about YouTube – is he planning on launching his own channel?

The Panasonic Lumix G85 is the ideal solution for both interests. We picked it because you can’t go wrong. It features all the bells and whistles one should expect in top-of-the-line cameras and shoots video in 4K.

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