If hindsight’s 20/20,
then borrow the hindsight of others whenever possible

Thanks to the internet’s turn on politics, the term “cuck” is now mainstream.

However, not all people using this term knows what it means.

TD:LR; a “cuck” is a cuckold, and a cuckold is the male victim of infidelity.

What makes the term so harsh is it’s implication that the man in question is terminally confined to a life of powerlessness.

That can certainly be how these men feel when we start to explore the world of mail order brides and off-shore dating options.

From Russia with…meh, from Russia…

Nothing about the DappChap newsletter is ever meant to be discriminatory, and if you happen to be a Russian dude, try not to take offense to what’s about to be said next.

All other dudes – if you’re not actually from the Former Iron Curtain, you most certainly need to re-think your intentions of dating a Russian woman.

(Don’t miss the piece on how to make YOU the foreign novelty).

Think that’s harsh?

Let’s take a look at a couple of case studies, shall we?

Case Study in Emasculation #1

Guys, meet Dave (the link to the video is coming in a sec).

Dave, meet the guys who’ll do EVERYTHING in their power not to follow your path (sorry, dude).

Dave is a divorced father north of 50 who met a girl in Russia online.

Soon after he started talking to her, he started wiring her 60 pounds a week ($85 USD)…

…meaning this story is already on the incline to oblivion before it even begins.

By the time the documentarians start filming the beautiful disaster that is Dave’s story, he’s already met his Russian bride-to-be a number of times in person, but this is the first time she’s coming over to live with him.

Now be sure you’re ready for this – it’s very exceptionally cringeworthy, but a lesson you, as a man, must secure for yourself.

Here we go – watch an oblivious and love-struck Dave go in for a kiss:


Those first two kisses are like pulling teeth for the fiance.

Did you also notice the reviled look of disgust on her face as she pulled away from the initial embrace?

If you missed it, do subject yourself to the material again.

For your own good, of course.

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Case Study in Emasculation #2

[EDIT: since initially publishing this post, the owners of the videos posted have set them to private on YouTube, making them unwatchable. However, we have made some interesting changes to follow up].

Yes, this is making your skin crawl, but the best way to inoculate yourself to potential danger is to expose yourself to it through random strangers.

That’s why we’re going to do this again, with another (unfortunately mismatched) couple.

Watch the emasculation here:

Once again, there is so much to be said in that initial kiss.

If you want to fast-forward to the inevitable train-wreck, here it is:

So brutal.

The Humorous Side of Heartbreak(?)

The British have long been known for having a dry humor that is made funny by its underlying callousness – a trait that often leaves Americans turned off.

Well, just leave it to the Japanese to artfully meld all the working parts of the human heart into a ridiculous, yet captivating soap-opera ad series for some sugary treat that is loooooong and chewy.

If you’re looking for an excuse to avoid all eye contact on the bus for 6 minutes, this little odyssey is nicely executed and has a wickedly great twist at the end.

Watch it here:



“The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.”

Friedrich Nietzsche


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