Even if you haven’t seen the actual episode of 90 Day Fiance that featured the Jorge Nava and his shamelessly horrible fiance, Anfisa, chances are you at caught a glimpse into the trainwreck that is their relationship somewhere online.

In this video, however, instead of poking fun at the many ways Jorge comes off as a class-A simp, we go further…

…that’s right – we’re looking at his transformation after he rids himself of the golddigger that completely ruined his first life.

Once you watch the video, you’ll kind of see Jorge Nava as something more along the lines of Neo from the Matrix of perhaps even Tyler Durden.

He is a completely different man now and in some ways, he owes this transformation to the worst woman he (or any of us for that matter) ever encountered.

He actually HAD to suffer this badly in order to be in a position to improve himself and embrace life in a completely new way.

Now, this is not to excuse his ex-wife’s behavior.

She is one hell of a piece of work – so much so that when TLC, the producers of 90 Day Fiance did a special video about Jorge’s release from prison and life changes, Anfisa was nowhere to be seen in the video.

Feeling slighted, Anfisa went on to post a video to YouTube explaining ‘her side’ of what Jorge shared about their relationship after he went to prison.

Given that she turned off the comment to that video shows that things probably didn’t go over too well (there will be a video about that coming soon).

So let this video be an inspiration to you, should you have a tendency to be something of a pushover – there truly is hope for every man.

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