Think it might be about time we have a chat about Twitter.

Elon’s arrival on the scene has already amounted to a lot of change and there’s more on the way:

1. Twitter will steal significant market share away from YouTube.

2. There’s a little-mentioned loophole that allows you to build an email list on Twitter that YOU get to own the data.

3. With Elon’s plans to turn Twitter into an ‘X’ app, there’ll be ample cross sale/promotional opportunities.

4. Jack Dorsey’s new BlueSky app – an “alternative” to Twitter – has actually made Twitter users a lot more responsive and (I find) tweets on some subjects get a lot more traction.

I can’t believe how much about it has changed since I initially joined it all the way back in 2008.

==== Twitter Blue Hustle ====

I recently made the (very) executive decision to join Twitter Blue.

I won’t lie – it came off as an absolute joke at first.

But then I got to thinking…since Elon took over the ship, a lot of flakes jump overboard, leaving a lot of devoted users.

Over the months after the paid Twitter Blue was introduced, I’ve watched as throngs of users jumped at the chance to get a clue checkmark.

If you haven’t signed up for it yet, I can assure you that you will see a difference.

==== Twitter vs YouTube ====

I am YouTube’s spurned lover.

Like a sad, lowly cuck, I’ve given this bloated platform so much more than it deserves.

All give, no take.

Well, over the next few weeks, Twitter’s video capabilities will be put to the test.

I recently posted a video to Twitter first – and then gave YT the sloppy seconds.

You can check out how that turned out here.

^^ With numbers like those, the path forward is clear ^^

==== Reasons you’ll want to tag along for the ride ====

>>> Follow DappChap on Twitter

1. Get yourself grandfathered:

There are a few paid products coming and you – as a present subscriber – will get complimentary access to some of these products.

2. Be among the first to Monetize the New Twitter:

As mentioned, I’m working my butt off figuring out how to use Twitter video against YouTube. So far, it’s working.

Twitter has a monetization program and by following me, you’ll get a chance to find out how to maximize the opportunity.

While YouTube wants you to get 1000 subs and 4000 hours of watch time, Twitter’s barrier to entry is far lower:

> You need to be in Twitter Blue
> Must be over 18
> You’ll need 500 followers
> Must have been active over a 30 day period

Easy peasy.

3. The Leviathan Effect:

If there’s one talent I’ve always had it’s that of being able to sniff out where new opportunities lie.

There’s a huge one coming up now.

It’s still in the early adoption phase, but those early adopters are going crackhead crazy over it.

At this time, Google Trends is showing that in the past three months, this leviathan in waiting has reached the runway and is cleared for takeoff.

==== The Dark(er) side of Money Twitter ====

What would Twitter be without its low-lights?

Here’s a glaring example of the hucksterism that’s gaining serious steam on the platform:

Irritating as all hell.


New videos on YouTube every day twice a week – you can subscribe to the YouTube channel here…until Twitter takes over the show.

Once again, here’s the link to join me on Twitter.