While some people are taking full advantage of the AI revolution and launching exciting new businesses with this rapidly advancing technology, others keep sounding the alarm about the evils to come.

Now, we’re getting a whole bunch of “I told you so-s” from the alarmists after executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas challenged ChatGPT with a simple query:

“What jobs can ChatGPT replace?”

Well, turns out ChatGPT had a whole lot to say about it’s capacities to replace humans.

In fact, the program shows a whole lot more ambition than most of the people complaining about artificial intelligence.

So let’s dig into exactly what ChatGPT had to say.

The bot claims it will very likely replace jobs that are repetitive and predictable, as well as gigs that revolve around language.

Those jobs include: customer service representatives,translators and interpreters, technical writers, copywriters and data entry clerks.

I agree with all of the above save for one: copywriting.

While I agree that ChatGPT will do a great job of technical writing, conducting research and putting together some decent content, it will fail as far as copywriting goes.

So much so that I’ll be producing a separate video just on this topic alone.

For now, let’s just say that stellar copywriting that actually converts – that actually produces profits – can only ever be written by a human.

I’ll explain why in greater detail in the video to come.

As for customer service – I can’t wait for ChatGPT to replace the average idiot working in a government office.
ChatGPT also sees itself entering other fields such as data science, machine learning, mathematics and statistics, computer science; robotics and automation…and business.

So all of those jobs make all the sense in the world – especially when it comes to machine learning. As for the data science and statistics, you’ll still need humans to round out those numbers.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics was used to determine that up to 4.8 million American jobs could be replaced.

While that might sound intimidating, one should read up on their history before hitting the panic button.

Long before artificial intelligence was considered possible in reality, the first NAFTA agreement saw an end to several American jobs on a very large scale.

Nothing can stop what’s coming.

Even a letter written and signed by thousands of tech experts, leaders and big names like Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak fell largely on deaf ears.

ChatGPT has already broken records as the fastest-growing user base with 100 million monthly active users and it just keeps growing.

With so many people already invested in its use, there is little incentive to slow things down.

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As you can hear from the voice used to produce this video, I’m a big fan of the positive things AI can be used for.