I can’t emphasize the need to protect your good habits enough.

Meaningful routines truly are what will lift you to a new level and pull you far away from the mediocrity that plagues the majority of the normies who surround us.

Today, I want to give a personal example of the ways in which my routines have benefited me in the hopes that sharing will help you accomplish the same.

I love to read and now that I’ve made a point of reading for an hour for the first part of the day, it has completely altered my outlook on life.

You see, writing is a major way in which I make my money.

I’m a copywriter by trade and I use this skill to power all of my business interests.

For the sake of this video, however, I’ll focus on the channel you’re watching now.

When I made the decision that I would go all in on building this channel up as quickly as possible, I made a commitment to myself…

…that commitment being that I would start uploading three videos a day.

By doing that, I’m getting on Youtube’s good side by giving them what they love most – a consistent influx of content to make money with.

At the same time, however, I want to make sure I only put out quality content people actually want to watch.

So where do the ideas for that content come from? Well, the many books I read each day provide more than an ample amount of ideas and inspiration.

Example: at the time of this video I’m reading the biography of Steve McQueen, a star of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

I’m only 75 pages in and I already have two or three videos worth of ideas racked up.

Same thing goes for the biography of Jim Henson.

I finished reading that just before McQueen’s bio and got a few ideas.

Each book read is worth several deposits into the bank of creativity.

And then there’s the challenge I set up for myself.

I’ve always been a very rapid writer to begin with, so when I saw that another copywriter claims to write his content at a rate of 10 minutes a pop, that’s the bar I set for myself too.

Each morning, I strive to write three Youtube scripts within a ten minute time frame.

Even with ample inspiration and ideas though, this goal can be challenging.

So what I did to make the goal work is to crank out three rough scripts in ten minutes.

Hard as it is to do, I try to leave in typos so that I can keep moving faster.

When initially done, the scripts are definitely far from being the final product, but doing this has allowed me to get a lot closer to ten minutes per script.

I then reserve about 20 minutes a day to cleaning up those scripts. So I guess you can say it takes me almost an hour a day to write three YouTube videos.

The point to all this is that with constant work and practice, you wouldn’t believe what you can achieve – a little hokey to say, but it’s just flat out true.

All the effort is starting to pay off and the tide is starting to go the other way. I now have more completed videos, waiting to be published than I do time to convert more finished scripts.

Hope this has helped give you ideas on how to increase your own productivity.