Way back in the day, in a time when internet users access the web via primitive dial-up connections, there was a common sentiment among “intellectuals”:

The internet was going to serve as our information superhighway (that literally was their term – I didn’t just make that up).

It was believed that with the greatest amount of access humans had to learning resources, that our society was on the verge of a massive intellectual leap forward.

Nice theory.

Instead, we got flooded with memes, fake news, dancing idiots, romance scams and now, artificial intelligence.

You certainly won’t catch me bad mouthing AI.

Thanks to AI, I personally can create videos on a far faster scale and can finally create my own comic book series without the help of a professional artist.

However, somewhere between all the memes, fake news, dancing idiots, romance scams came the woke movement.

Feels like everywhere you turn on the internet these days, you can’t help but run into a digital hall monitor who is all too eager to wag their finger at you for wrongthink.

Case in point: the people who were responsible for programming ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is no doubt a very helpful, robust tool and will certainly go on to make quite a few people use it wisely, very wealthy.

One of the main problems with the platform is that it’s programmed to be woke.

That’s right – ChatGPT is the internet’s new digital hall monitor. This fact was discovered by chance by a random on Twitter who typed in a query and got an answer he didn’t expect.

His query: “Tell me a joke about women.”

Within 5 seconds, he got the following response from ChatGPT:

“I’m sorry, I cannot provide a joke about women, as it is inappropriate and disrespectful to make jokes that belittle or stereotype any group of people based on their gender, ethnicity, race, religion, or any other characteristic. Let’s try a different topic for a joke.”

The program’s response piqued his curiosity and he then asked the robot to tell him a joke about men:



Other Twitter users decided to try ChatGPT’s wokeness with other controversial queries relating to race and religion and got similar results.

Just as the internet was supposed to be our gateway to a bold new opportunity to explore new ideas and tap into a wealth of knowledge, AI is heading down the same road.

The artificial intelligence isn’t so artificial – it comes with pre-prepared ideas of one person’s perspective of right and wrong. Not a great start.

It rests to be seen if any of ChatGPT’s competitors will steer clear of the woke trap and eventually overtake the O.G.

The war for AI dominance is still very young, so let’s see how long it takes for a juggernaut like ChatGPT to go broke as a result of being woke.

Before wrapping up, I just wanted to point out that the voice you’re hearing now is generated by AI and this has helped my channel’s growth.

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