No man’s body is perfect.

Growing up, I was short and skinny (even as a fully grown adult I only measure up to 5’7″).

The good ol’ teen years were truly a delight when the acne hit.

Despite those hardships, there’s one thing I can be thankful for, it’s be holding strong and not launching my load too early while getting busy.

Well, there are three notable exceptions.

Yes, that’s how irregular the occurrence is that three incidents stand out throughout the years..

    • First time my spirit opted for an early exit was with a girl named Brooke. I was high on smoke (that didn’t help) and the excitement of getting a lay out of nowhere added to the intensity of the situation.
    • Then there was Tara. Once again, a lay out of nowhere was all it took for me to last all of about five minutes (thank heavens I got second round with her)

It premature popping can stop a new romance dead in its tracks.

Then there’s the reputation thing. Could you imagine if there was a bedroom-performance version of #MeToo (like say, #TooSoon) and you got tagged?


But you are not condemned to this fate.

You do have a few recourses, should you choose to take them.

Increase the tension of your grip when pud-whacking. One of the reasons your pipes erupt too early is because you’re too sensitive.

So the next time you give it a tug, add some torque. Bonus: this will also endow you with the strength to open tight jars, which always impresses the ladyfolk.

> Go down (and stay down). C’mon man — one of the leading causes of unwelcome finishes is mistaking a marathon for a sprint.

By holding off on going in, you’re sending the signal to your equipment that you’re in for a full shift.

> Have more than one partner on the go. There’s more than one reason to do this. One, it’ll condition you to hold steady regardless of the tunnel you’re exploring.

By having more than one partner, you’re taking out dry spell insurance.

> And then there’s testicular training. If all else fails, you sometimes have to take on the same mind-over-matter training professional athletes do.

Just remember — Every problem has a solution.

The good news about premature ejaculation? You’re getting laid. Getting into the game is always the biggest challenge, so at least you have that.

Just keep in mind that it will take a little effort, but once you’ve achieved full mastery over your equipment, it’s all shits and giggles from there.

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