Let’s keep things light today with a look at a Twitter account that poses zero threat to men, but could pose a serious threat to anyone who was raised wearing potato bags or has solvent abuse issues.

I was on Twitter the other day, you know, that platform that epitomizes modern sainthood.

Can’t even recall how this came into my feed, but I couldn’t be more thankful that it did:

Oh, you might be interested to hear that this given tweet is not a one-off.

Not by a longshot.

This Twitter account is a veritable treasure trove of WTF-ery.

I’ll admit that initially, I thought this might be some comedy account – something along the lines of @ShitMyDadSays.

However, when you click through to her sites, you see she’s actually running a business that doesn’t seem to be doing too badly (I’m basing this on SimilarWeb results).

If you want to indulge in this festival of masochistic molasses for yourself, head on over to her Twitter account here.

This will easily be some of the best toilet-time scrolling you’ll ever enjoy.