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$2.5 Million dollars.

Pretty nice piece of scratch, isn’t it.

Just so happens that $2.5 million is what’s required for an investor to acquire a campground in my area.

Now when you don’t have $2.5 million to your name (and most people don’t), you tend to need backers.

Well, a backer was found…only to back out of the deal three weeks prior to closing.

Was his reason that he came into financial hardship?


Did he find a more promising investment opportunity?

It wasn’t that, either. I swear you probably won’t believe this.

Turns out the investor’s fiance suddenly left him for another man and he’s so down in the dumps, he felt a need to hit the ‘eject’ button because his feelz got crushed.

Let’s face it – what he’s going through is NOT easy.

But getting over what isn’t easy is the mark of a man.

Take a look at Brett Favre.

The man took to the field the day after his father’s passing.

While losing your fiance is tough – you can always get another woman.

You only get one father – and when Brett lost that only father, he went out there and played his broken heart out.

Next time you’re faced with a challenge, you need to ask yourself, “What would Brett Favre do?”