A lot of curious things can happen when a guy goes on 100 dates.
A couple of years ago, a young man set out on a mission to see what meeting up with a hundred women in today’s digital dating landscape would amount to.

To call his findings intriguing would be quite the understatement.

While he definitely won’t be able to please every girl he meets, he’s definitely going to make his credit card provider very happy.

Thankfully for the rest of us, this gentleman is a compulsive note-taker and he spared no detail about the ups and mostly downs that came from going out on so many dates.

Some of the most noteworthy highlights:

  • His #1 source for actual dates (not matches) was Bumble. The poorest performer was OKCupid.

In total, he needed six apps to help him get to 100 dates.


  • Of the 500 matches that produced dates, 488 of his matches had photos of themselves exercising.


  • 141 of his matches tried to get him to sign up to their OnlyFans page or some other private site.


  • No surprise here: The average date cost $78.51 (typical cost for food and drinks for two). Only 27 of the 100 girls offered to split the bill.


  • Of the 100 women, 27 of them came back for a third date (that’s a pretty good average in the digital age).


  • The experiment cost him over $7800 (that’s almost $80 a date!)

Let’s Talk About Sex!:


  • 273 profiles exclaimed “NO HOOKUPS!” and yet…

…16 women had sex on the first date

…and 24 of the women said they wanted to have sex on the first date (not sure why it didn’t happen).

  • Of the 100 dates – 64 of the women made the first move, with 41 of them kissing on the first date.

Low-lights of the 100 date experiment:

If women truly are there to (hopefully) find a relationship, why are they starting things off with lies?

  • 66% of the dates looked older than their stated age.
  • 71% were heavier than their pictures showed.

Obviously, if you lie about your weight, it’ll be discovered right away and he’ll know he can’t trust you.

Same thing with age – in the event a relationship blooms, he’ll find out eventually.

  • 31% showed up to their date looking like they had just rolled out of bed.
  • 3 girls said they were in love on the first date
  • Keeper central: 9 women asked to borrow money
  • Future bunny boilers united: 4 of the women cried on the first date
  • 1 of the dates required our guy to call the police

The next two stats are sadly believable, but this really is where our society is at.

I pity men who find themselves navigating the dating scene in the digital age – things really have changed:

  • 93% of his dates showed up late – hey, if you’re going to show up without doing yourself up and lying about your weight and age, can you at least show up on time?


  • [drumroll] 91% of the women could not put their phones down and checked them compulsively throughout the date.

Personally, I’ve walked away from dates within 15 minutes of lateness.

As for the compulsive phone-checking, that’s a cookie-cutter example of an attention whore, another reason to walk right out on a date.

And that’s what happens when a guy goes on 100 dates these days.

How he got as much action as he did is beyond me, it took $7800 of dating to get very average numbers.

Check out the full infographic here.