You Had ONE Job – And It’s Not Getting You Dates (here’s why):

In the 80s, status ruled the dating market.

Gettin’ some really all boiled down to:

  • what you were wearing
  • what you were driving
  • where you spent your time during the 9-5

When the 90s rolled in, the economy was not the same as it was during the 80s (that and blonde women were no longer considered apex females).

With the markets limping along, women were just happy to meet guys with jobs.


Status is indeed a factor, but the intrigue/danger factor of one’s occupation is a newer element.

In fact, it kinda supplants status (you’ll see in a second).

A study conducted by Mashable, with an assist from Tinder, whereby women in cities across the U.S. were polled revealed a surprise:

Of the most right-swiped jobs on Tinder, the top spot goes to flight attendants.

The others on the Most Right-Swiped Jobs on Tinder include:

  • CEO/Entrepreneur
  • Firefighter
  • Engineer
  • and…pilot

Yes, that’s right, the flight attendant is for reason unexplained, preferred over the pilot.

You’ve Launched A Startup…You Can Now Mark CEO/Entrepreneur As Your Occupation

The good news: you’ve bought a domain, set up a website and you’re now building the next great unicorn.

That and you can now list yourself as a CEO/Entrepreneur on Tinder.

The right-swipes start piling up as your new status starts to pay out the dividends.

Then there’s the bad news: you didn’t study up on proper texting techniques and the frivolous fluff you picked up on the RedPill forums is blowing up in your face.

Why did that cute secretary with the piercing hazel eyes and diamond-cut lips you can’t stop thinking about stop texting you back on a dime when all appeared to be chugging along?

Chances are you responded to her with ONE character that speaks more loudly than all other words in your missive.

You’ll probably be shocked, but nothing sinks your battleship faster than to finish off what you wrote in a text with this >> .

Here’s why

Got a Face For Radio? Go Sapio

Ever been told by friends or family (in subtle, underhanded ways, of course) that you’ve got something of a “face for radio”.

We’ve all got our crosses to bear, having a less-than flattering sheen to one’s mug is certainly a shot to the ol’ self-esteem.

It’s also made worse by the narcissism that is rampant on social media.

Well, feareth not, man – there is a group of women specifically for you.

Where do you find them?

From OKCupid to POF, they’re everywhere, really.

What you must seek out are girls who describe themselves as “sapiosexual”.

But what does that mean?

It means that any girl describing herself as such finds dudes with intelligence attractive or arousing.


There is always hope, young Jedi.

Your Game Couldn’t Possibly
Be This Bad, Could It?

Online hookups and dating are an entity of their own, but in the real world, North Americans living in the post-MeToo era are becoming a little more averse to making approaches to both women they don’t know as well as colleagues who they might play well with.

In Korea however, the situation is completely different – due to social clumsiness and the resulting ignorance to dating, childbirth is on a very steady decline.

As it presently stands, South Korea holds the population lead over its northern adversary by a margin of 51M inhabitants to North’s 25M souls.

This is a lead Seoul hopes to preserve to maintain the upper-hand on the Jong-un regime.

Seoul’s solution: Universities are now making it MANDATORY for students to take dating courses and in these courses.

During these courses, the budding Lotharios must date at least three of their classmates for a period of one month each.

Now That You’re A CEO/Entrepreneur (Part II)

Just in case you were thinking of rolling up your sleeves and building a business centering anything cryptocurrency, you first need to stop, drop and roll.

Should it come to pass that you haven’t heard the term ICO (initial coin offering), then you need to pay very close heed.

Crypto is all the rage, however, there are only a handful of currencies that are proven, somewhat stable and most importantly, scalable.

How better to describe ICOs?

Oh yeah – back in the gold rushes experienced in California and Alaska, those who truly got rich were the entrepreneurs selling axes, maps, picks and pans.

Those reaching for the birght, shiny nuggets typically ended up poorer than they started.

So how do you navigate these uncharted waters digital ducats?

You need to seek out Ameer Rosic.

He’s the co-founder of Blockgeeks. Both on his Twitter and Facebook account, Ameer keeps readers up to date on what is real and what is little more than a seedy marketer’s mirage.

So next time the dude sipping a cocktail next to you starts chatting you up about his “groundbreaking” new coin will change the game forever…check to see what Ameer is sayin’

Let Nothing Stand In Your Way…

Ever hear of Harry Bertschmann?

Turns out not that many people have…despite his painting art since his 20s (he is now 86 years old).

Throughout his life, Bertschmann has worked to get his work recognized and even managed to score presentations at marquee exhibits alongside high-profile, well-established artists.

Despite these occasional scores, becoming a name brand of his own never quite happened.

So what makes Bertschmann’s story remarkable?

Regardless of the fact that he never hit it big in the art community, he kept producing art almost every day for over 60 years – he’s produced thousands of pieces of work, even losing track of the exact number.

The grand takeaway: even if your passion isn’t paying out, there is a spiritual pay-off in practicing it and staying sharp at what you do well.

BTW, according to Mashable’s study, our man Harry would have done quite well for himself had Tinder been around in his day (just saying).

“Bravery is developed by simply gritting one’s teeth and with determination crashing through any barrier in one’s way without regard to the circumstances.”

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